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I searched long and hard for a Java-based web framework and settled on Tapestry 5. I'd used Tapestry 4 before, but 5 is far, far better. It's amazingly easy to use and requires no icky XML configuration. Integration with Hibernate and my DAOs was very easy. Updates have been very easy as well, having gone from 5.0.x to 5.3.3 with minimal changes. 

What I enjoy most is how little code and HTML is needed to make a useful database-driven page. It's embarassing little code, actailly. Documentation, like with most open source projects, could be better, but ti's much better than it was in the earlier days. Community support via the mailing list has always been excellent. 

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Hibernate is the premiere ORM solution for Java, IMHO. A few aspects don't seem to be well thought out, including HQL their database neutral language, I've generally been very happy with it. It integrates with many web app and service frameworks and is reasonably fast. I'd looked at other solutions before, but settled on Hibernate rather quickly due to the active development and large community surrounding it.

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I've been using Tomcat for quite a while. It just works and is easy to integrate with my web services and applications. Configuration could definitely be easier, but it's powerful, fast and reliable.

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Spring Framework

I'm relatively new to Spring, and while I enjoy the power of the framework and surrounding extensions, I'm continually frustrated by the obtuse configuration and numerous ways to do things. Spring is the de facto framework for many other projects, so it pays to become familiar with it.

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