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One of the best web frameworks ever (if you get used to Ruby). I don't think it's best to craft whole application in a dynamic technology such as Ruby with Rails, but for the frontend part it is really awesome. I highly recommend putting the Haml and Sass together with Rails (as they really boost productivity when it comes to templating and CSS). Documentation unfortunately isn't perfect and it is sometimes gets really difficult to read the code especially when tool makes such a heavy use of metaprogramming as Ruby does.

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Adds nice amount of sugar to tests. I think it's the first tool that made the given-when-then tests decent. Moreover the datatables are really awesome feature. Can be a little bit counterintuitive with mocking though (ar first).

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It has everything I ever wanted CSS to have. It helps you stays DRY. Moreover it has Compass which helps you make standard things in your UI (like rounded corners) staying browser-agnostic.

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A great powertool for pretty much any maintenance tasks you do with your project. A big advantage over Maven (and other only-declarative tools) is that Groovy is a real programming language so if Gradle doesn't do exactly what you want you can pretty easy make it as you'd like. It comes in handy when you want to craft some custom tasks (like code generating or so). It's really simple when compared to alternatives (read sbt).

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