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3+ years of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
4+ years of CSS/JQuery/FE
2+ years of PHP
4+ years of Postgres/MySQL

Oracle database applications developer and architect.

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web framework
web server




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jQuery is made to make difficult things very simple. It keeps you away from writing  cross-browser compatabile code, implementing simple aniamtions or recursive methods to update multiple dom-elements. It helps you get things done very quickly and saves you a lot of frustration.
jQuery is a big project with huge community so it’s very good tested and you don’t have problems with finding solutions to your problems.

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If you want to create a community or a network with a membership area, newsroom, forums, articles, input from external authors etc… then Joomla is a good choice because it is made to be that way.  Creating a navigation structure is easy, once you understand how it works and it doesn’t require knowledge of html. You can set articles to expire after a time, activate dates, authorname, breadcrumbs etc.. Thus, Joomla gives you a lot of power in your hands and that is noticeable in the admin section where there are so many options that you get dizzy the first time you go in. You really should get a good book on Joomla if you want to set it up fast. Otherwise you end up fiddling around and getting nowhere for days. A reasonably good starter is “Beginning Joomla” from Dan Rahmel. It guides you by the hand while customizing the site and setting up the naviagation structure.  There are other books, but I cannot recommend them since I didn’t read them.

Adapting the look is simple if you are happy with changing some colors and the logo. Beyond that, you will find that Joomla has a complicated structure and even seasoned web developers have to go through a learning curve before they master the layout system, and that approach is different depending on the layout template you chose.

If you do not want to get involved in the gritty work of stylesheets, you can buy professional layout templates for a reasonable price (between $35-$50) from JoomlaShack, for instance.  Or you could ask a developer to do it for you, but make sure they have references of Joomla sites or you might end up paying their learning curve and that is what you want to avoid.

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