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This week in open source #6 (2012-11-18)

Engineers suck at finding the right jobs

Matt Aimonetti writes about how awesome it is to be an software engineer these days (in terms of job opportunities). And how the suck at designing their carrer. Lot of comments on HN too.

Do you really get your IDE?

Anton Arhipov (JRebel lead) discusses the way modern IDEs improve developers' work (and the difference between the language mavens and tooling mavens).

Migrating away from Apple

A blog post by quite frustrated iOS/OS X user.

OS X has lots of problems with memory utilization. 8GB of memory is not enough on a laptop where I'm doing web development.

Continuous integration server from GitLab

GitLab - self-hosted open source alternative to GitHub - is releasing it's own Ruby on Rails based CI server.


Twitter’s Shift from Ruby to Java Helps it Survive US Election

InfoQ's summary of 2010 rewrite of Twitter backend to JVM helping it survive US election night (handling around 325k tweets per minute).

JBoss Application Server is getting a new name!

Voting for JBoss server's new name is now open to community. You can choose between 5 names (basejump, wildfly, jberet, petasos, jocron).

Grails48 - The World's Hackaton

Grails community has launched a hackathon series and startup mentorship program. First event took place last weekend and the results should be published soon!


JavaScript APIs you’ve never heard of (and some you have)

Nice presentation (video + slideshare slides) of "uncool" JavaScript APIs that most people have never heard of and yet are widely supported by today’s browsers.

AngularJS and SEO

Nice howto about SEO optimization of an AngularJS application.

Turns out it is possible to have your AngularJS application indexed

Backbonification: migrating a large JavaScript project from DOM spaghetti

Presentation about moving 8500 line of code Javascipt of NewsBlur into well composed MVC Backbone.js application. 

Single page web apps: the worst of both worlds

Quite nice post about the issues when developing a single-page web application (especially maintaing a state). But the author still affirms that Trello is the best website around...


Deploying Your Rails Application in the Cloud via Juju

A quick walktrough describing how to set up an Ubuntu cloud hosting for your Rails application via Rails charm.


Check out those two recently released NoSQL databases

  • RethinkDB - an open-source distributed database built with love
  • CodernityDB pure python, NoSQL, fast database


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