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This week in open source #5 (2012-11-07)

Mozilla UX: Save for later

Mozilla UX team wrote a huge essay about "Save for later" functionality: current state (bookmarks, opening multiple tabs or using online services), their research and final approach. Definitely worth reading!

Rod Johnson to judge Typesafe Developer Contest

Ex-Spring Team lead is going to judge Typesafe Developer Contest which aims to find best apps showing usage of frameworks from their stack: Play, Akka or Scala.


Filepicker.io: Designing JavaScript APIs

The guys from Filepicker.io - great service for managing file uploads from mulitple sources - are giving 5 rules to follow when you design a JavaScript library API.

J2EE is dead, long live JavaScript backend

Brian O'Neill shows his road from a 8-years core JavaEE developer to modern one-page-app backed with REST services enthusiast.

Esprima - commandline JavaScript syntax validator

Beautiful tool which validates style rules of your JavaScript sources. Could be used in countinous integration tools like Jenkins too!


JFall 2012: Dutch Java awesomeness

Summary of this year's biggest Dutch Java conference.

What's new in JAX-RS 2.0

Bill Burke presents multiple new features from incoming JAX-RS 2.0 specification, including asynchronous API on client and server and new filters and interceptors.

Scaling Scala vs Java

James Roper compares Java and Scala benchmarks of his simple online store implementation.


Aloha Ruby Conf 2012: Git and GitHub Secrets

Talk by Zach Holman from GitHub
This talk covers both Git and GitHub: different tricks I've picked up after two years at GitHub, helpful advice on common gripes I've seen in support tickets and tweets, and just general nifty things that make you a faster, more capable technologist.



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