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This week in open source #4 (2012-10-28)

October 2012 ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

ThoughtWorks publisher their latest technology radar for October 2012. Browser-based testing, database integration, feature branching, ESB and even Meteor.js are now on hold... There is also a funny relevant survey ;)

The Future of Markdown

Former co-founder of StackOverflow discusses future of Markdown - central markup language for GitHub and StackExchange network.

GitHub Game Off

GitHub announced a November challenge to build a fork/branch web-based game.

GitLab 3.0 released

An open-source self hosted Git management app (therefork named GitHub alternative) reaches it's next major version.



Windows 8 has arrived, so it's time for so open-source Metro-like widget libraries. Check out Bootmetro.


Jster Javascript Catalog

Big (834 projects at time of writing) catalog of Javascript libraries. DevRates competition? ;)

Single page apps in depth - free book

Nice and free introduction to architecture of single-page applications.

Scripted: a Javascript editor

A last week miss on our blog - SpringSource (VMware division) released a open-source Javascript editor base on Node.js and Eclipse Orion.


JavaOne 2012 Coverage

A huge list of articles on this years' JavaOne conference

Oracle Gets Java Running on iOS Devices

Check out the demo link on how Oracle ADF Mobile enables to use Java on iOS.

This week in Grails - with SpringOne summary

Collection of tweets regarding Groovy and Grails panels on last week SpringOne conference.


Ruby 2.0 feature freeze

Ruby developers set a freeze for features of next major release of Ruby language.

Aloha Conf Keynote - Rails 4 and the Future of Web

Aaron Patterson presents what's new in Rails 4 and how does Rails 4 fit in to the future of web development.



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