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This week in open source #2 (2012-10-13)

In this issue we divided news into subcategories, mainly by languages. They will appear on the right side of each post.


Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft launch new Web standards resource
In an attempt to create the “definitive resource” for all open Web technologies, Apple, Adobe, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, and Opera have joined the W3C to launch a new website called ‘Web Platform‘

Introducing the Redesigned Bitbucket

Bitbucket received a completely new layout with a lot of new features. Look promising!
Our goal for this huge release was to rethink and rebuild the Bitbucket web experience from the ground up. Today, we’re are excited to introduce the new Bitbucket – faster, easier and more beautiful than ever.



On the beginning of October a major Java conference took place in San Francisco. Few summarizing posts were published last week:

  • Technical Keynotes - collection of videos with major Oracle keynotes, both technical and strategy related.
  • 5 key things I learnt at Javaone2012 - a quick summary saying that Java is alive and Oracle want to invest in both the language and community
  • JavaOne 2012: Oracle outlines its Java plans - an introduction do Java SE 8 and Java EE 7
  • Java Roadmap as shown at JavaOne 2012
  • JavaOne: The Summary, JavaOne 2012: Observations and Impressions - general summaries
  • Looking into the JVM Crystal Ball, Mastering Java Deployment - detailed session reviews

The State of JavaScript

Great presentation by JavaScript creator Brendan Eich where he discusses new features of ECMAScript 6 and his general point of view of the future of the language (no bytecode, dynamic typing). A lot of comments on Reddit and HackerNews.


5 jQuery tips for intermediates

A collection on useful tips from developers with some experience in jQuery. All with jsFiddle links to check out the code.


AngularJS presentation

InfoQ published an introductory presentation to AngularJS - Igor Minar (co-lead) and Brad Green (engineering manager) demo writing a dynamic web application with AngularJS. Taken from the Throne of JS — Seven Frameworks conference.


Backbone @ Mozilla

Mozilla's basic introduction to Backbone.js. A part of the web developer toolbox series.

ruby 101 Things You Didn't Know Ruby Could do

Slideshow from James Edward Gray showing some useful Ruby tips, eg. using your source file as read-only data store.


Ruby Microframeworks: Camping and Cuba

Showing the ecosystem for small web apps outside Rails and Sinatra.


JSONiq: JSON Query Language

A XQuery extension for JSON querying presented in InfoQ article

Scala @ Coursera popularity

Functional Programming Principles in Scala by Martin Odersky has more than 30.000 registrations (login for link required).



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