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7+ years of Java/JEE/Spring
3+ years of ServiceMix/Camel/EIP
1 year of Grails/JQuery/FE

Integration middleware and frontend architect at work, startup and Grails enthusiast after hours.

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jQuery is best javascript toolkit around. Simple and usable even for CSS and HTML noobs (like me...). Ajax, DOM manipulation, animation effects and many more in a readable 1-2 liners of javascript. Impressive number of plugins, unfortunately not all maintained at root jQuery site, which requires a bit of googling. Documentation (as always) could have been better :)

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Best Java IDE. Open source version lacks some frameworks support (Grails!) but still better then Eclipse/Netbeans.

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Grails is the top MVC framework for the JVM. Groovy is extremely powerful, together with hot-deployment making development really productive.

The 2.0 version adds some cool features, e.g. where queries and more interactive console.

The few drawback include: lack of built-in ui framework and some undocumented features. The well integrated Spock unit test framework helps to avoid common bugs from dynamic typed language like Groovy.

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Open Source version of Liferay is maybe fun to use, but really pain to deploy and develop. The Portlet API is too complicated and doesn't fit modern websites nor applications. Some solutions include using another framework for portlet implementation, e.g. grails-portlets plugin form Grails, but this introduces another problems: session sharing and authentication.... Web contents and ability to override every single default jsp page are great features, but you should expect more from mature CMS for Java. Community and documentation exist, but not very helpful in everyday use :( Enterprise version could be a better choice.

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